How to build a cheap 1000mW+ blue laser

LIST OF PARTS I USED: 1W 445nm Laser diode – Aixiz diode – (It is possible to buy the diode pre-installed in an aixiz module, google it) Heatsink – Glass lens – Driver board – Switch – Thermal/Isolating tape – Many parts can be had for cheaper than the above links. Google it. HOW TO PRESS DIODE INTO AIXIZ MODULE: (1:20 to 1:50, credit for video goes to styropyro, go check out his channel) If you want to buy a complete 1W blue laser, go here: Please subscribe!

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25 Responses to How to build a cheap 1000mW+ blue laser

  1. blackend00 says:

    thats to hard to finde but i well do my best ;) thnx

  2. raz0racanine says:

    can i use my ps1 laser or in laptop????

  3. PyroGadgets says:

    Not with this driver, and anyway it would be so weak that it’s not worth it.

  4. boxmour1 says:

    @raz0racanine only a diode that can rewrite dvds no ps1 or 2. most laptops will have a red diode up to 250 mw.

  5. raz0racanine says:

    @boxmour1 can i use discman diode??

  6. ultrazeen380 says:

    is it possible to have a laser with … no coulor!!!!

  7. MrHello12314 says:

    @ultrazeen380 an ir laser (infra red) they are invisable

  8. andretodopoderoso7 says:

    Is it safe to run this driver without a load??

  9. KezzaQB says:

    Do you need the wave length to be 445nm? can it be 808nm?

  10. PyroGadgets says:

    @KezzaQB You can use a 808nm diode, but the laser will be near-invisible instead of blue.

  11. Djakkennaia says:

    Could I use a 2w 445nm diode instead of the 1w? would it cause any damage? would I have to do anything different?

  12. PyroGadgets says:

    @Djakkennaia There are no 2W 445nm diodes as of now. You probably mean the same one I use, it’s rated for 1W, but can be pushed to 2W with very good heatsinking.

  13. gregonater834 says:

    what nm diode should i buy to make it the MOST visible at any time of day? Im building a laser tonight so i need answers quick please respond!

  14. Djakkennaia says:

    @PyroGadgets The 44nm diodes that come out of the A-140 projector are rated for up to 2W. those are the ones I was talking about. would it be alright if I used that one with a 2Amp driver?

  15. Djakkennaia says:

    @PyroGadgets The 445nm diodes that come out of the A-140 projector are rated for up to 2W. those are the ones I was talking about. would it be alright if I used that one with a 2Amp driver?

  16. gregonater834 says:

    wait… i just found out that i could’ve purchased the diode, power supply, and module and the laser would’ve worked without spending $150 bucks on the parts… too late :( . Can anybody tell me the difference between doing that and doing this? Thanks!

  17. gregonater834 says:

    ok i bought the parts an they are starting to arrive in the mail… they r so small!!!! the videos make everything look big especially the diode i find the most small out of all the parts

  18. Soccer31421 says:

    how do u connect it to the heatsink?

  19. Fiki2k7 says:

    @gregonater834 You learn something? I did, respect this man. Christ.

  20. gregonater834 says:

    @Fiki2k7 wtf i do respect him completely!! looks like he has a guitar in his room and i am a musician too so i completely respect him. i am still going to do what is shown in the video i just didn’t know you could do it a different way. with heatsinking does it make the laser more powerful mw wise? sorry i am new on lasers

  21. nadendas says:

    cant i just use sunglasses instead of goggles

  22. Themandudebro227 says:

    @nadendas ummmm, well unless you want your cornas blow out, ah no. because in laser glasses it has a fliter that cancles out that kind of light, so if you contact me over youtube i can help you make a like 6 dollor pair instead of a 30 doller one…

  23. lilbrownify says:

    what is heatsinking, does an axis module with heatsink built in work good to,like does it make it more powerful or somehing

  24. jatpack3 says:

    Clean your room!

  25. SHOOTdangerly says:

    Norsk eller :)