DPSS laser 2W 532nm class IV Cut a Plastic Beer Bottle

DPSS laser high power optotronics.com 2W 532nm class IV Cut a Beer Bottle

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25 Responses to DPSS laser 2W 532nm class IV Cut a Plastic Beer Bottle

  1. jcoffland says:

    No one ever said it was glass. It’s a plastic beer bottle.

  2. ExpertOfSound says:


    Damage Per Second.

  3. KidStig says:

    Im very impressed but the bottle was not glass definitely plastic… Look at the bottom of the bottle used… I have never seen a glass bottle with that bottom only plastic…

  4. Macdawg347 says:

    @raul1TB Have you tried cutting clutting tinted glass??

  5. LaMaaH says:

    Its a plastic bottle people.. wake up

  6. egol14 says:

    oooooooohhhhhhhhh he was cutting a glass i forgot i was lost wahcing the tv

  7. Vaton89 says:

    is that abc on the tv

  8. TheAwesomePillow says:

    D`aww, that serie on tv was so dramatic :(

  9. GrimReaper5188 says:

    Its plastic. Glass would’t make the sound that bottle makes when he pulls the bottom off.

  10. robert195530 says:

    Whered u get da plastic bottle

  11. WarLordTR7 says:

    too dangerous

  12. Razzfazz87 says:

    ew plastic containers for beer!

  13. Ferbguy101 says:

    lol nice

  14. Lukergamer says:

    @ThePhizMaster They are usually tinted because tinted glass is cheaper to produce than transparent glass. Glass is tinted because it contains impurities which are difficult to remove.

  15. MatthewZachary001 says:

    its clearly plastic because it would shatter if it was glass because the laser would simintamiously heat and spread in the bottle witch causes it to crack an break

  16. liranxs says:

    the movie in the background was more interesting

  17. TheLucasArede says:

    Very well haha :P

  18. raul1TB says:

    @jabg2011 ????????????????????????????????

  19. JINGWA64 says:

    you can tell its plastic by the sound it makes hitting the table and when he pulls the base of…which also glass would NOT need the base to be twisted and tugged of like that…its would crack and snap off instantly because it would be brittle…not flexible…plus beer bottles don’t have such thin glass or they would shatter to easy…another sign its a plastic bottle.

  20. RNLee says:

    does it matter that it was plastic, that laser is still strong

  21. nealnbobn says:

    Yes…but will it blend?

  22. cabasse says:

    “that’s plastic smoke – don’t breathe this!”

  23. rocktohell says:

    sounds plastic to me…

  24. Strikerokk says:

    now you need the other part of the bottle ;)

  25. TheFamousBen says: