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445nm Laser Diode Driver Development 1.8A Test

For more information about these laser diodes see my thread. For a list of my build guides see this thread.

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445nm Laser Diode Driver Development 1.8A Test

For more information about these laser diodes see my thread. For a list of my build guides see this thread.

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My First Lab Laser Build

I am a NOOB. Let’s just say that outright. I probably don’t even know the full extent of what I am now capable of with this setup. I am taking those first steps into a new arena of “fiddling” that I had not yet thought I could… Eventually I will put a “port” where the diode module will go which will allow me to easily exchange diodes. Once this is done I will set up different drivers, for different wavelengths and power, to their own toggle switches connected to the different chords of the PSU. Long story short… “Plug” the diode module into heatsink (module will be labeled by wavelength and power), “flip” the switch of the corresponding driver, and “power up” the PSU! I’m calling him Frosty.

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250mw Laserpointer Green 532 NM Burning

Laserpointer laserpointer Grün green Green 250mw laser laser-pointer pointer laserdiode diode Laser 250 MW burning wood verbrennt holz fire feuer Fire Feuer 532 NM Burning Stuff

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EPILA SI-808 Personal Laser Diode Hair Remover System Epila is a 808 nanometer (nm) wavelength diode laser hair remover designed to be used in the comfort of your own home. The 808 nanometer (nm) wavelength is currently being used by clinics worldwide for permanent hair removal. making it safe for in-home use. It๏ฟฝs simple to use, power the device and start moving it over the desired treatment area. As Epila is moved over the skin, it emits light energy that is absorbed by the melanin pigment, resulting in rapid heating of the hair follicle. The heat destroys the papillae (hair follicles) that are responsible for hair growth. Epila uses a diode laser which has a longer wavelength than other lasers used for hair removal, which means will even work on darker, more pigmented skin types. On average, one session treating an entire leg should take less than an hour and should be painless, but if you experience discomfort, you can switch to a lower setting. Since the area treated will be extremely sensitive for a few days, it is wise to wear both protective clothing and sun block whenever you’re outside. In addition, plan to limit your sun exposure for a day or two after the treatment, as you can expect some slight swelling and redness. These side effects should disappear within a day and can be soothed with an ice-pack included with Epila.

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7 Inside a 5mw laser pointer.wmv

Read Hear: Some discoveries of a common 5mw “dollar store” laser pointer. In the video you can see an onboard surface-mount resistor. I measured this with a meter to be 68 ohms. Then I looked at it with a magnifier and on it is 68RO so I guess I was right about that. This seems to be a current limiting resistor, and maby if this is lowered, the laser could work at a lower voltage, maby 3V. Without any power applied to the laser, I looked into the lens, and I could see light comming through from a nearby lamp I have here, so there is basically nothing in there except a very small laster diode that sits on a thin “shelf” of sorts that goes horizontally across, about 1/8 inch or so behind the lens. I finally took the front lens out, its held in position, not by glue, but by a 1/4 inch long spring behind it. This spring has about the same diameter as the lens. The lens seems like some hard plastic, an probably protects the laser diode and modifies the laser lightbeam (makes it thin/narrow?). The actuall laser diode is very small, about 1/32 inch square.

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808nm High Power Diode Laser Hair Removal Handle Piece Demo

This is a demonstration video for the handle piece we build for hair removal. This demo shows all the key components for a diode laser hair removal system, including Diode Laser Handle Piece, Laser Diode Driver, Water Cooling System, System Control Board, LCD Screen and Software. With these components, it is easy to build a very high power diode laser hair removal system. These components are for OEM manufacturers only. Not for end-users. This video just shows the high power and laser energy from the laser. Of course, this energy must be limited for safety concern during real treatments on humen skin. This product is manufactured by NDL (NewDiodeLaser) from Beijing, China. Contact: [ ]

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homemade high powered burning laser ( 160 mw )

my homemade laser, laser diode is from a 16x dvd burner housed in an axis laser module powered from 2 AA bateries note: i made a mistake with the title i wrote 150mw instead of 160

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